The Cellars

We are very fortunate to have excellent cellars at 23 Stonegate. Their perfect humidity, temperature and lack of vibration means that wines stored there mature gracefully and predictably – unlike many older wines bought elsewhere, that may have been stored in unsuitable conditions.

We store up to 80 different wines at any given time. Some of these are available in large quantities, while there are only a few cases of some of the older wines.

MulberryHall 2The cellars are in the alley adjacent to Mulberry Hall

The wines are easy to collect. It is a simple matter to drive up Stonegate before 10.30 a.m. any morning, park outside the Medical Society and conveniently load the wine into a car. Most members do this on Saturday or Sunday morning, or on their way to work in the morning if they work in town.

In addition to the regular offers of featured wines that we send to members, members are free to order any of the wines from the wine list on the website, subject to availability, at any time of the year.

Ordering and Collecting wine

There is a minimum wine order of 6 bottles, or a spend of £75 .  Most of our sales are from the regular mixed case offers of  featured wines, which highlight our bargain discoveries.  However, please feel free to mix your own orders from the  wine list.  You can email your order at any time, but please follow this up with a letter, enclosing a cheque if you don’t pay electronically.  On most occasions it will possible to process your order so that it is ready for collection by the following Sunday afternoon.

YMSWC cellars

Access by car is possible before 10.30 a.m. each day.  Alternatively, after 8.00 p.m., access by car into Little Stonegate is possible, and the wine can be wheeled round the corner to the car.   Your Medical Society key will let you into the building. There is a keypad on the door at the top of cellar steps and the wine will be at the foot of the cellar stairs, with your name on the box.  Be careful when using the cellar stairs as they are rather steep.  We are happy to make special arrangements for collection of the wine for any members who find it difficult to negotiate the descent safely.

Please collect your wine promptly, as we cannot be held responsible for missing cases months after the wine has been put out.


Payment is by direct transfer (BACS).   Alternately, you can send a cheque, payable to the YMSWC.  The details of the YMSWC bank account are available when you go to the last page to complete your order.

Parties, special occasions

Please feel free to email for advice on any specific queries, wedding receptions, special parties etc., as we can often obtain discount from our suppliers, for larger orders.