Now is the time for some serious Rosé!


A Mixed Dozen contains 6 bottles of each of:
Domaine Jouclary Rosé, Medaille d’Or Paris, 2018  –  £7.95 per bottle
Sentiers de Bagatelle Colline Rosé 2018. –  £8.95 per bottle


We have entered a Golden Age of Rosé!  Gone are the days when rosés were dull, lacking in character, and often bottled with some residual sugar.  In the past winemakers tended to use the red grapes, that they rejected from their red wines, to make rosé.  No longer!  The trend now is to use the best quality grapes, and from specific vineyards which reflect their terroir in the style of the wine.  In Provence this means that the £20 bottle of rosé is no longer unusual.  

Yet, it is possible to get the same quality, but at a much better price, in the new-wave rosés further along the coast in the Languedoc.  Increasingly on our travels we find ourselves spoilt for choice by these new-wave rosés.  

We’ve chosen two delicious Rosés that are perfect for the Summer.  Christine Deleuze of Clos Bagatelle in Saint Chinian is one of our favourite winemakers.  In recent years she has been focussing on top quality rosé.  Last year her rosés sold out within a matter of weeks.  Pascal Gianseni of Château Jouclary in Cabardès has just received a Gold Medal at Paris for his delicious Rosé.

A Mixed Case contains 6 bottles of each of:

Domaine Jouclary Rosé, Medaille d’Or Paris, 2018
AOP Cabardès
Situated just North of Carcassonne, where Aquitaine meets the Mediterranean, the appellation of Cabardès allows Bordeaux grape varieties to be mixed with Mediterranean varieties. Hence this is a combination of Cabernet Franc, Grenache and Cinsault and the result is joyous!

It is a delicate shade of pink with a summer pudding nose. In the mouth it is burst with fruit – redcurrant, raspberry and strawberry. It has surprising depth of favour with a long finish and gentle acidity.  Superb!


Sentiers de Bagatelle Colline Rosé 2018
AOC Saint Chinian
From the Assignan hillside plot of sandstone, this is packaged in an attractive frosted bottle.  The style is very much Provence with 50% Cinsault, 30% Grenache and 20% Carignan.

This is another very subtly pink-tinged Rosé with a gorgeous perfumed, floral nose.  On the palate it is plumper, bursting with summer pudding flavours and white peach.  It finishes with a hint of liquorice and great length.


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