Domaine de Bel-Air, Les Burdelines, Moulin à Vent 2013


Domaine de Bel-Air,  Les Burdelines 2013
AOP Moulin à Vent
From a terroir rich in granite and manganese, this has vines with an average age of 50 years.  At harvest only the very best grapes are triaged for this special cuvée.  The wine is then aged for nine months in Burgundian barrels.  The results are fabulous.
There is an enchanting perfumed nose of ripe fruit, almonds and irises and the barest hint of oak. This leads into a very elegant, round, silky, complex wine with a mineral aftertaste.
It demonstrates how Moulin à Vent can produce wines of Burgundian complexity. It just needs some rare beef to accompany it…  A star!