Domaine Boutinot Les Côteaux Schisteux, Séguret 2016

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Les Côteaux Schisteux Séguret 2016
AC Côtes du Rhône Villages
From the adjacent village of Séguret this is made largely from very old Grenache vines in a high altitude vineyard that enjoys every last ray of sunshine during the day, while the argilo-calcaire limestone pebbles in the soil reflect back their stored heat during the night.
It is aged for 24 months in a mix of new and old oak barrels of different sizes to ensure the perfect evolution of the wine without introducing too obvious oak flavours. It is deep purple in colour, with a wonderful nose of ripe cherries, which leads into a big mouthful of succulent black and morello cherry fruit, with a hint of cedar and finishing with very gentle tannins..

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