New wines from Domaine de Cazaban coming in September

Cazaban couple
We went to see Clément Mengus again in April and reserved some of his excellent red, the top of his range Domaine de Cazaban Cabardès 2012, which is made from 60% Syrah and 40% Merlot and is one of the best wines I’ve tasted all year. His 2013s were still in cuve, and it was difficult to assess them at the time. However, he has now bottled the wines and sent us samples.  The results are superb. The 2013 vintage was not nearly as hot as previous vintages, and has produced wines that are less dense but as a result much more elegant, with alcohol levels around 13% rather than the usual 14.5% of hotter vintages.

We have ordered a selection of four different wines – from different terroirs and with different assemblages, varying from pure Syrah, to various blends with Carignan and Merlot.  All of them are delicious.  We’ll email you in October, when they ship, with the latest offer….

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